Baby-SignsI have always been interested in sign language. I started taking college courses at the local college so that I could learn it. My fascination with it started when I was younger and I had a hearing impaired neighbor. He began teaching me some of the signs and my interest in it stayed into adulthood. When I had my first child I knew that I wanted my child to learn sign language. I thought it would be a good idea for them to learn it young because they retain it better when they are exposed to it from an early age. That's why I was so interested when I heard about the Baby Signs DVD Series.

I purchased the series and I began using it with my daughter. I was impressed at how fast she picked up on everything. The series really makes it fun for a child to learn sign language and it makes it simple. This was a great way for me to have fun with my child while teaching her something that she can use throughout her life. When I purchased the Baby Signs DVD Series I received a great series that was broken up into seven different parts. It came with My Meal Time Signs, My Bed Time signs, My Bath Time Signs, My Pet Signs, My Park Signs, and My Getting Dressed Signs.

Now my daughter and I have fun while we practice the signs that she learned. She likes to show her new sings to our friends and family members. I wish that there was a great series like this when I was a child that was so interested in learning sign language. I think that everyone should consider getting the Baby Signs DVD Series for their child.

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