Education starts at home with ABCmouse. Free Non-member Learning Area for kids 3 in the Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten level. ABCmouse has the full online curriculum from these school levels. Explore this virtual school with this ABCmouse review.

ABCmouse fill the need of a child's education during these formative years. With over 2,000 learning activities to develop reading, math, beginning science, geography, music, and art skills, the six-level Step-by-Step Learning Path of ABCmouse it an excellent way for a child to learn. The program has more than 350 lessons in 6 levels. As each lesson is completed, the child is guided to the next.

The Reading Curriculum gives the access to books with the virtual library which is frequently updated. A child will learn uppercase and lowercase letter recognition, phonics, rhyming words, and word families. The Math Lessons will teach them numbers, shapes, patterns, and measurements with games and fun activities. A child will learn how to recognizing and counting numbers 1-100, “More than” and “Less than”, identifying as well as drawing shapes and simple patterns, and the meaning of addition and subtraction. A child will explore the World Around Us to learn about the body, health, sports, plants, animals, weather, the seasons, and the earth, moon, sun and starts.

If you have been thinking of what to do to educate your child, the ABCmouse virtual learning facility is an excellent choice. There are many activities that will interest a kid and keep them fascinated while learning. Sing-a-long music, an option to record, art such as paint by numbers, puzzles, all of which have voiced instructions. In addition to these, there is an interactive farm, zoo, and a virtual aquarium.

ABCmouse has the complete curriculum from Preschool to Kindergarten at its online facility. A child deserves the best education possible. Learning starts at home and ABCmouse is highly affordable. Why not have your child try ABCmouse for free right now? Visit the website featured in this ABCmouse review to have your child test it out.