White Cloud Cirrus III is by far the best electronic cigarette when it comes to quality and long lasting battery and cartridges. White Cloud is continually improving their electronic cigarette design and accessories to remain at the top of the electronic cigarette market. If you thought the Cirrus II was great, you will be even more impressed by the Cirrus III.


    Cirrus III
    Faster charging and longer lasting battery - fully charged in 90 minutes (compared to 3 or 4 hours with other brands)

  • 3/8” shorter
  • 36% lighter
  • Quicker vapor draw
  • 190 puffs per charge

White Cloud Cirrus III Comparison

Although I think the number of puffs per battery charge is greatly underestimated. I haven't been keeping count; but I have far exceeded 190 puffs on my Cirrus III battery charge, right out of the box - haven't charged it yet! And I have 2 more batteries ready to go.

Really all of the White Cloud Cirrus line of electronic cigarettes are definitely top of the line quality, but the Cirrus III is by far the best yet. To top it all off, the White Cloud Cirrus 3 starter kit comes with 3 batteries, so you can always have one ready to go.

    White Cloud Cirrus III Starter Kit includes:

  • (3) Cirrus 3 Electronic Cigarette batteries with orange LED
  • (5) SmoothDraw cartridges
  • (1) USB charger
  • (1) AC adapter
  • (1) User Manual

White Cloud may not be as popular as other electronic cigarette brands but those who have tried it can see the difference in quality. Whats flooding the market today are cheap knock-off E-Cigs that come in starter kits that annoyingly come with only one battery, that takes forever to charge!

White Cloud new and improved Cirrus III comes with super long-lasting batteries without compromising on their size. Other brands of electronic cigarettes offer long lasting batteries, but they are much longer than normal e-cig batteries - and you have to purchase them separately from your starter kit. White Cloud Cirrus III batteries are 5.7cm, where other brands long last batteries are even longer than traditional cigarettes.

White Cloud Cirrus III super long lasting battery vs other brand long lasting battery

Most electronic cigarette companies are going through a change with their cartridge design. The older 3 piece designed electronic cigarettes are now being replaced by newer 2 piece designs that combine the cartridge and atomizer into one sealed piece, sometimes referred to as a cartomizer. What's great about White Cloud Cirrus III, and Cirrus I and II, they are all designed with this new upgrade - SmoothDraw cartridges that fit all of the Cirrus electronic cigarettes. Most of the other electronic cigarette companies are designing new e-cig models based on the new 2 piece designs; leaving valued customer at a loss when trying to buy replacement parts for their now out-dated E-cigarettes - This is something you don't have to worry about when buying White Cloud Cirrus III.

    White Cloud Flavor Cartridges

  • SmoothDraw cartridges, sold in packs of 5 (equivalent to approximately 1 carton of tobacco cigarettes).
  • Buy 5 PACKS and get 1 PACK Free – Put only 5 packs in your cart, then in the notes section at the end of your ordering process, just tell them what flavor and strength you would like for your free pack. Note - You will be charged for anything in your cart, so make sure to only add 5 packs! This offer is valid for all flavors and strengths, and you will received 1 pack free with every 5 packs purchased!
  • Cartridge Flavors

  • New! Strawberry! - This strawberry flavor is unique to White Cloud!
  • Fire Toasted Tobacco
  • Cooling Menthol with a hint of Eucalyptus
  • Indonesian Clove
  • Chocolate
  • Espresso
  • Vanilla
  • Variety Packs

    Nicotine Strengths and Throat Hit Smooth Draw Cartridge Information

  • The rating and cartridge suggestions provided by White Cloud are really accurate, here is what they recommend:
  • For Very Heavy Smokers Only - 2.5 packs per day or more of full strength or non-filtered cigarettes.
    (XX) Double Extra Strength Very harsh throat hit (3.6% nicotine).
  • For Heavy Smokers - 1 to 2 packs per day of full strength filtered cigarettes.
    (X) Extra Strength - Stout throat hit (2.4% nicotine).
  • For Average Smokers - up to 1 pack per day of medium or light cigarettes.
    (F) Full Strength - Moderately stout throat hit (1.6% nicotine).
  • For Light Smokers - 1/2 pack or less per day of light or slim cigarettes.
    (L) Light Strength - Mild throat hit (1.1% nicotine).
  • For Occasional or Casual Smokers Only - 1 pack per week or less
    (UL) Ultra Light Strength - Barely perceptible throat hit (0.6% nicotine).
  • (NF) Nicotine Free -- Absolutely no throat hit (0% nicotine).

White Cloud Customer Advantages

  • White Cloud ships worldwide and - YES they ship to APO or FPO Military Addresses! Just select the country "Military Address" at your checkout, then choose AA, AE, or AP in the drop down menu for the state. Your shipping is FREE! White Cloud supports our troops!
  • Gift Certificates Available!
  • 6 Month Warranty on batteries and chargers
  • Assured Smoke 2 Year Warranty may be purchased online or at the nearest location, for just $29.95. - The warranty includes no hassle warranty exchanges at any kiosk location, and a free e-cig battery exchange starting 12 months from the original purchase.