Have you heard of Vari-Volt-Vaping? Owned a gold electronic cigarette? Found a tank that can hold a large amount of e-liquid? Whether it's your first time to go for e-cigs or you are an advanced vaper, the experience is extremely satisfying with Volcano Electronic Cigarettes.

The Volcano Electronic Cigarette brand has 3 different types of devices which are sold as kits. These devices cater to the various needs of vapers for there are some that want a no-fuss e-cig while others enjoy the experience to the max, desiring more vapor production and the latest features. The 3 kinds of Volcano Electronic Cigarettes are:


Magma. This is the mid-sized option, ideal for beginner to experienced vapers. This sophisticated black device with a red LED light that glows when puffed is an upgrade of their original Volcano e-cigs, which are no longer being sold, boasting larger batteries that lasts long and a higher operating voltage which produces more vapor than their older model.

There are 2 kinds of Magma kits, which is the Tank and Cartomizer. If you choose the Tank that requires e-liquids to be dropped in, you may use it with cartomizers which are pre-filled. If you choose the Cartomizer, you have to option to upgrade and get a tank.

Inferno. This device is Volcano's e-cig that's ideal for people who are on the go and the ones who want the performance level of high-tech e-cigs and simplicity of use. Still mid-sized, it has a large tank and a battery that will last a heavy-duty vaper for 7.5 hours. One advantage of using the Inferno is that you can charge and vape at the same time, the kit comes with an extra battery so you won't run out of power as you enjoy the 5-click vari-vaping button.

LavaTube Version 2. This is the top of the line unit of the Volcano e-cig brand. LavaTube Version 1 got recognized by the "Guide to Vaping" as the Best New Mod and now the newer model has more power-packed features that makes it the premium choice.

This devices offers the best of Vari-Volt-Vaping. It has a bright blue LCD screen for viewing the intake regulation above the control button for voltage adjust and power. This device surges with 3 amps of currents for one to choose between 3.0 to 6.0 volts of powers, and has various other features to protect the battery from damage and a US made chipset.

The LavaTube comes in 5 different colors, and from these, 2 of them are made from precious metals which are chrome and gold.

The e-liquids which are made in and US FDA-approved lab have 4 nicotine strengths which are 24, 16, 8, and 0 mg. There are 22 fantastic flavors to choose from:

  • BlueWater Punch
    Cherry Lava
    Choconilla Haze
    Coocoo Coconut
    Grape Escape
    Hawaiian Espresso
    Jungle Fruit
    Kawika's Kiwi
    Kona Coffee
    Menthol Burst
    Milk Chocolate
    Pineapple Punch
    Red Hot Lava
    Red Wings
    Shaka Strawberry
    Sharks Clove
    Tobacco Pure
    Vanilla Bean
    Waikiki Watermelon

The smooth and cool flow from these e-cigs that produce an eruption of flavor is the reason why these are called Volcano Electronic Cigarettes.