Vision Spinner IIThe new Vision Spinner II is one of the newest variable volt mods with upgrades that'll make the vaping experience much better. This variable volt mod is not just for advanced ecig users as it is easy-to-use Vision Spinner II that is a powerful 1600mAh battery has cool add ons making it more than just the power supply.

Unlike the old-style batteries that serve just to power an ecig with a button to click to turn it on and off, the Vision Spinner II has a variable clicking knob that is used to increase or decrease the vaping power of the ecig. There is an LED button with a battery life color indicator plus it has an upgraded PCB control board, features that cannot be found in ordinary ecig batteries.

Quiet sleek, neat, and available in 15 great colors which are black, blue, brown, dark red, gold, green, light red, orange, pink, purple, rainbow, steel, yellow, and white - the Vision Spinner II is compatible with standard 510 and EGO ecigs and other devices that has these kinds of threading. This variable volt mod has over 500 charging cycles. Using this variable volt mod is surely going to make the vaping experience so much better as each different kind of e-juice will have the proper heating to maximize the flavor and the vapor production.

Vision Spinner II batteryIf you own a standard 510 or EGO ecig or want to assemble an upgrade one, the Vision Spinner II is one of the latest variable volt mods that will make you have control to change the output for that perfect vape..

As we all know, the e-juice that you vape becomes better with the right hardware. The e-juices vary because of such factors like the nicotine content level and with a reliable variable volt mod, it may save on ejuice and help create the large clouds of flavored water vapor that'll give the satisfaction you've been looking for.