VaporPro ecigs? I didn't believe in those things, and you might have your doubts, too! As a smoker, ecigs seem ridiculous! How can it replace a tobacco cigarette? That's why I am writing this review for you to know what the real score is about these 'alternative cigarette'.

The reason why I bought my first ecigs was because I was cornered, with the smoking bans everwher - I just had to buy electronic cigarettes cause I couldn't stop smoking, it was a way to beat the system. Well, it was was the right decision, though it didn't look that way during the beginning.

I was smoking around a pack a day, for around 10 years. I tried quitting cold turkey for a while, but when I hanged out with the gang to have a few beers, I ended up smoking. After that, I have never really tried to quit, no matter what warnings I get or how the wife nags me.

So, I bought a cheap electronic cigarette. What an awful experience! My jaw would ache because of dragging on it. A few times, the eliquid sorta ended up in my mouth instead of water vapor. I just had to spit it out. It was a hassle to use those cheap electronic cigarettes and after a while, the battery refuse to charge. I had to read a number of ecig reviews to discover the one that works like a dream.

VaporPro ecigs is the right one for me. Since I bought it around 6 months ago, it has functioned properly. I am quite satisfied with this brand, and the price is affordable because I got the subscription plan to ensure that I don't run of cartrdiges. Out of the five flavors which are Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Chocolate, and Apple, my favorite is Chocolate, as my wife says that I now have a sweet tasting mouth - and a more kissable breath.

I like my VaporPro. It works for me. Once, I didn't think that I could ever make the change, but I did. I am not going to tell you what to do, as I didn't listen to anyone before, but I would suggest that you try VaporPro ecigs to enjoy the chocolate flavor and taste the other flavors - and continue 'smoking' practically anywhere you are.