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If burning tobacco is no longer your thing, or you would like to quit smoking, or get to use an e-cig in places where smoking is banned, if you use medical herbs, oils, and waxes, then you'd like to try the innovative way to 'smoke' these things with VAPES.

VAPES is known for their EGO ecigs. These EGO ecigs have various models and are available as kits. The components may be bought individually.

VAPES has other ecigs like their Elips Ecig, different battery types, has vari-volt vaping products, atomizers, clearomizers, taonkomizers, and blank cartridges.

The Ago Vaporizer is used for dry herbs, tobacco, flowers, and thick wax-like oils and same type of herbal vaporizer pen also available at VAPES.

There are a lot of positive VAPES reviews online. Here are a few:

"you got me completely off ciggerettes 39 years of smokin two packs a day …you may have saved my life check you later" – Bret

"I took my time researching the web for my Ego cig and I found your site was the best for me. I have told all my smoker friends about your site and can’t wait to smoke it and show them when I go to parties and social events together my Ego cigarette. Thanks, again!" - Jenna

"Hey i received my vape and i love it it works exactly how I imagined it, thanks!!" - Davin

When it comes to e-liquids, VAPES has one of the largest choices!

  • Applebacco
    Arctic Blueberry
    Arctic Grape
    Arctic Watermelon
    Atomic Fireball
    Banana Nut Bread
    Barely Legal
    Berry Blue
    Brown Sugar
    Bubble Gum
    Caramel Apple Candy
    Cherry Cola
    Cigarette Ash
    Cookie Dough
    Dark Chocolate
    Dream Juice
    Ecto Cooler
    Fountain Dew
    Fudge Brownie
    Gummiberry Juice
    Honey Bee
    Honey Wood
    Juicy Maraschino Cherry
    Just Peachy
    Kiwi Strawberry
    Lemonade Tea
    Menthol Delight
    Menthol Tobacco Ice
    OMG Tamale
    Pixie Sticks
    Rad Bull Energy
    Ruby Grapefruit
    RY4 Tobacco
    Speared Mint
    Strawberry Kisses
    Strawberry Malt
    Tart Apple
    Tobacco #5
    Tobacco #7
    Tobacco #9
    USA Tobacco
    Vanilla Bean
    Vanilla Ice
    Vanilla Nut Tobacco
    Very Grape
    Watermelon Bomb
    White Tic Tac
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