With the introduction of electronic cigarettes such as Smokesation, “smoking” in public places is now possible. Smokesation is an electronic cigarette that is making a buzz in the market nowadays. Unlike the conventional cigarette, Smokesation can provide you with what’s called a “vaping” experience, with E-liquids of various nicotine levels.

Smokesation is the revolutionary new nicotine delivery system. The nicotine is delivered in a form of vaporized liquid, and what you exhale out is water vapor - and so comes the term “vaping” instead of “smoking”. When you vape with electronic cigarettes, you control the amount of nicotine that you take in. Select your level of nicotine concentration in your ecig cartridges and know that after a puff, you can slip it back into your pocket if your craving subsides. No more do you have to stop your life to find a designated smoking area to calm your craving, Smokesation Electronic Cigarette is great for the quick fix to your nicotine cravings without interfering with your life.


Since the nicotine solution is vaporized, there are no second-hand smoke, ashes, burning, and smell. This gives you a guilt-free feeling wherever you choose to vape knowing that you are not making others uncomfortable. So even if you are in a public place, you can still enjoy nicotine without worrying about second-hand smoke affecting other people within the area.

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Compared to other electronic cigarette using 3-piece technology, Smokesation uses 2-piece technology. With this advancement, vaping with Smokesation is more convenient since there is no messy refilling of your cartridges.

Smokesation comes in different kits, which include the Starter Kit, Basic Kit, Deluxe Kit, V-GO Kit, V-GO Kit, and PC Kit. Each of this kit is designed to cater to your vaping needs. Smokesation cartomizers (nicotine cartridges) are available in tobacco, vanilla, menthol, strawberry, and coffee flavors in various nicotine strengths. A USB charger, leather case, instruction manual, and battery are also included in the package. The package does not cost that much and can easily fit your budget.

Since Smokesation e-cigarette can be used anywhere, you no longer have to go out of an establishment just to enjoy your smoke. You can vape your Smokesation ecig inside a restaurant, a bar, or even inside your home. Using the Smokesation e-cigarette, you can enjoy nicotine without the smell, the ash, and the fire.

Think of how much you spend on cigarettes, and the hassle they cause for you as you are being more and more restricted to designated smoking areas anywhere you go. Smokesation can be your best investment towards a better lifestyle - don’t let your nicotine cravings control you, you can control the cravings with Smokesation and no more have the hassle of traditional cigarettes.

Order your Smokesation e-cigarette now if you want to enjoy and savor your vaping anytime and anywhere you go.

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes results to 5 million death each year worldwide and causes debilitating health problems like cancer, lung diseases, stroke, and heart disease.

When smokers light a traditional cigarette, they are not only putting their health at risk but also those of the people around them. Even if you are a non-smoker, your health can still suffer through second-hand smoking. Being around people who smoke regularly will expose you to second-hand smoke, so if you or someone you know smokes - share this Smokesation Review with them.