Smoke Revolution USA Review: SAVE up to 90% with when making the switch from tobacco cigarettes. Enjoy marathon vaping pleasure, power-packed performance from personal vaporizers, and the fantastic Revolution Smart Pack. Read more about this brand in this best e-cigs review.


It all started with one puff that might have made you cough and get dizzy. But then, the nicotine craving got a hold of you. The peer pressure may have something to do with learning how to smoke but ultimately, you made the decision and no one else is to blame. How to stop smoking and the prevent nicotine withdrawal symptoms might now be the thing that has been troubling you, that's why you search reviews for the solution.

There are many electronic cigarette advantages. A few of these are that e-cigs contain no tobacco and emit no smelly smoke. Another advantage is the amount of savings one has by simply making the switch.

For example, if a person smokes 7 packs a week and the price is 5 dollars a pack, the amount spent on cigarettes in a year is $12,775.

Based on the average e-liquid consumption of $8.90 in a week, the amount of savings will come out to $104.40 a month, which when multiplied by 12 is $1,680 spent in e-liquid in a year.

Total amount of savings $12,775 - $1,689 = $11,095

Smoke Revolution USA provides the smokeless cigarette models that suit the lifestyle and the budget. This review's featured electronic cigarette brand has 3 models for their rechargeable devices which are the:

1. Smoke Revolution 510 Premium E-cigarettes. Realistic vaping experience with batteries that can last a heavy vaper for 7 hours. Sleek in design, with high-tech atomizers, this e-cig has the choice of the Drip Tip Configuration 2 piece e-cigarette or the Cartomizer Configuration 3 piece e-cigarette.

2. VGO. This device just keeps on going as the powerful batteries can last for a day or two. The VGO has the choice of the Drip Tip Configuration 2 piece e-cigarette or the Cartomizer Configuration 3 piece e-cigarette. It has an atomizer cover that adds to the stylish look which works as a leak barrier, a manual button protector plus as a carrying pouch.

3. Bazooka-T. This has a tank system that can hold up to 1ml of e-liquid. With SMART batteries that indicate the power status, this device has delivery power to generate a full burst of flavored vapor. The design prevents the common problem of e-liquid leaks and it has no filler material so the vapor delivery is smooth and satisfying.

These are available as kits and there is the option to 'Create Your Own.'

The most popular accessory of Smoke Revolution USA is the Revolution Smart Pack. A handy carrying case that works as a charger, it has a display that indicate the power of the batteries.

Smoke Revolution USA has a fabulous choice of full bodied e-liquid flavors that have 4 nicotine levels of choice which are 24mg (high), 16mg (regular), 8mg (light) and 0mg (zero).

Their fruity flavors are Banana Paradise, Cherry Addiction, Great Grape, Mango Madness, Strawberry Temptation, Summer Watermelon, Sweet Apple, and Tahitian Pineapple. The delightful taste sensational flavors are that of Cappuccino, Morning Coffee, Cinnamon, Sinful Chocolate, Very Vanilla, Raging Bull, and Red Cola. The classic tobacco flavors are enhanced with these Smoke Revolution USA e-liquids such as Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Blend, Cuban Cigar, Menthol Crush, and the RY4 which is their Mystery Flavor which only will be revealed to you once you try it.

Smoke Revolution USA has their Points and Rewards program earn credits for purchases. It provides free shipping to US and Canada. This brand is perfect for marathon vaping and generates great billowing cloud of vapor with a smooth throat sensation and has the option with their Revolution Smart Pack to make recharging more convenient.

Be part of the electronic cigarette revolution that is sweeping the globe by using one of the best brands, Smoke Revolution USA.