Are you tired of having to go outside an establishment just to smoke? Do you want to have a smoke even when you’re inside the office? Do you always have to think twice before smoking inside your home for fear of jeopardizing your family’s health through secondhand smoke?

For most smokers, looking for a smoking area can sometimes be difficult. If smoking is not allowed in a certain area, smokers only have two choices; to leave the place or to refrain from smoking even if the body is craving for it. However nowadays, smokers will no longer have to deal with this kind of problem by choosing electronic cigarettes such as the EZ Smoker.

The EZ Smoker electronic cigarette can be used virtually anywhere. Unlike the traditional cigarette, EZ Smoker has no flame, tar, ash, and carbon monoxide and contains zero nicotine. So even if you are inside an establishment or at home, you can use it without disturbing the non-smokers in the area.

So how does EZ Smoker work? The product has two parts; the lithium-ion battery and the cartridge. When you inhale, the flow of the air is detected by a sensor, which activates the heating element and vaporizes the solution inside the cartridge. This produces a vapor that is smoke-like and odorless. The "smoke" produced is not a real smoke, it's water vapor, and therefore does not contain the toxins that traditional cigarette smoke does.

When you use the EZ Smoker, you will notice its glowing tip. This feature provides you a more realistic smoking experience. Another great feature of EZ Smoker is its automatic shut-off when not in use. You do not have to worry if you fall asleep while still vaping your EZ Smoker as it will automatically shut-off, which prevents fire accidents from occurring.

The EZ Smoker system has a charger, atomizer, and rechargeable battery. The system comes free and you only have to pay for the shipping and handling with purchase of the first 15 refill cartridges for only $69.95. Once you avail this offer you are automatically enrolled in the EZ Smoker autoship program. When you become a member you can expect your refill shipment doubled on the next shipment without having to pay additional charge. Choosing EZ Smoker can also help you save money, as we all know prices of cigarettes keeps rising.

Gone are the days when you have to go outside to smoke every time you see a “No Smoking” sign. With EZ Smoker, finding a place to smoke is no longer a problem. By choosing the EZ Smoker, you can now have an enjoyable vaping experience anywhere and anytime you want.