EnvyCig is one of the more affordable electronic cigarettes on the market with kits starting at $29.95. They have a variety of starter kits that will fit anyone's needs from the light smoker to a heavy smoker and for those that travel a lot, they offer a personal charging case for your EnvyCig.

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A lot of brands of electronic cigarettes offer a variety of batteries, from standard to long lasting batteries. Long lasting batteries are great but that also means that they are longer. So most people that buy electronic cigarettes are interested in brands that offer on-the-go charging cases.

With EnvyCig you have options, from starter kits to ongoing special, discounts on bulk cartridge orders, holiday specials, and disposable ecigs. When you go to EnvyCig.com you will see there three top starter kits, but if you click on the top tab "Electronic Cigarettes" - you will see a wider variety of options. There you can find information on how you can get a free personal charging case with their Bliss starter kit, something you won't see on their main page. Also under "Specials" you will find all of their current deals they are offering, definitely something worth checking out.

The Nirvana/Bliss/Ego electronic cigarettes that EnvyCig offers are not compatible with each other, so keep that in mind when choosing your starter kit and replacement cartridges. If you are interested in a variety of flavors, then what you want to look into is the Envy E-liquid to refill your cartridges (do not exceed 5 refills). If you want convenience, then you should buy the EnvyCig Nirvana, as this model has cartomizers (cartridges with disposable atomizers). You can still refill EnvyCig Nirvana cartomizers like you can with the Bliss or Ego, but it can be messy to have to refill cartridges, and most people later decide to toss and replace rather than refill.

For the battery and atomizer there is a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty, and both should last you about 2 years depending on usage. Your cartridges should last about a day for the average smoker and is equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes, cartomizers are equal to about two packs of cigarettes. Your battery should last about a day for the average smoker or about the time it takes to use a full cartridge. The green LED light at the tip of your EnvyCig will blink several times to let you know that your battery needs to be charged, and should be fully charged in 3-5 hours - but EnvyCig suggests that you charge the batteries each night.

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