Dab Vaporizer Wax Oil PenNeat and designed like an ecig for that stealth advantage, the Dab Vaporizer Wax/Oil Pen has the vapor power with a smooth draw. Why? That is because this vaporizer pen has THE atomizer that make it a literal 'better hit'.

The kind of atomizer in a vaporizer pen makes the world of difference because during the process of turning wax or oil into vapor, this is the part that heats it up. So that even burn, clean burn, and no burned tasted, and all of those other factors such as consistent heating come into play and the central component of this is the atomizer - of which the Dab Vaporizer Wax/Oil Pen has! Who wants to waste the precious wax and essential oil? No one does and if it doesn't heat up right, that is such an awful hit, but with the tried and tested Dab Vaporizer Wax/Oil Pen, that won't happen.

The Dab Vaporizer Wax/Oil Pen has the ORIGINAl Vhit atomizer and is assembled with great care, taking into consideration that each component such as the battery and even the design make it work with performance levels far better than most other vape pens. This makes the process so much better and it is the results that will blow your mind. Great satisfaction, ultimate pleasure, and at the right price!

Take a closer look at the Dab Vaporizer Wax/Oil Pen complete starter kit that includes an EGO 650mAh battery that may last for a day or up to a week depending on the intake of the vaper, a couple of Vhit atomizers, an atomizer cover that comes in the cool pen-style, a dab tool, a USB wall charger and adapter, and a free Vapes case.

For that stealth advantage and high performance levels that delivers a consistent great hit every time, you would love to own the Dab Vaporizer Wax/Oil Pen.

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