Thank you Blu Cigarettes, smoking is now convenient again! Even the non-smokers will appreciate this one...Blu Cigarettes. Trying to quit or just cut back for health reasons? Friends and family giving you a hard time about your smoking? Or just annoyed that you can't smoke anywhere anymore? Blu Cigs is your solution!

It's Finally Here! After being highlighted all over the media and talked about everywhere, Blu Cigs has finally launched the Premium pack! The new Premium pack is patented technology and is the first real development in the electronic cigarette industry since the launch of our Original pack several years ago.

The Premium pack adds better functionality, improved performance and additional technology to enhance the social and individuality aspect of electronic smoke. The pack has a new stylish look and feel, with a new LED blu logo that brings the pack to life and will grab the attention of those around you.
Advanced Features of the Premium Pack

New, patented Social feature

  • No screw charging with battery management system that continually monitors and charges the spare battery
  • Easy charge icons located on the side so you can see the battery level and charging progress of the pack and spare battery at any time
  • On/off switch to activate or deactivate the Social feature
  • Mini USB for data management and efficient charging

Smokeless cigarettes have been around for years but Blu Cigarettes are the best on the market because they are the only ones that give you all the enjoyment of a real cigarette. Blu Cigs look like a cigarette, feel like a cigarette and best of all taste like a cigarette! Other smokeless devices don't have the “look and feel” of a cigarette and often taste like like your smoking a cleaning product from under your kitchen sink.

Blu Cigarettes uses only “Johnson Creek Original Smoke Juice”, a nicotine-infused liquid produced by Wisconsin’s Johnson Creek company, a USA company, so you know your getting the best in quality. In addition to the Original Classic Tobacco Blu Cigarette they also come in a variety of flavors including Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Spiced Apple Cider, and Smoky Tennessee Cured.

As a smoker I am always trying to cut back or quit, but also my friends and family hate that I smoke. Using Blu Cigarettes I replace most of my “regular” cigarettes during the days which not only decreases my health risks but also gives my family and friends less to complain about.

I travel a lot so Blu Cigs are also convenient for all those places you can't smoke or don't want to, like the airport or hotel rooms. Traveling between ultra hot and severely cold climates Blu Cigarettes make smoking much more comfortable and healthier as I don't have search for the smoking zone outside in sweltering heat or subzero temperatures.

In addition to traveling I socialize a lot and that might include a casual drink or two. And let's face it, once you have a drink in your hand you probably have a smoke in the other. The next day comes and your entire body is telling you that you have smoked too much, it's what I call the “smoke-over”. With Blu Cigarettes no more smoke over!

Not only are Blu Cigs convenient when and where I can use them, Blu Cigarettes packaging is also convenient in I never have to worry about recharging the battery because it does it right inside the package. They are also a huge money saver in that I am not spending $150 per month on cigarettes anymore.

Like I said smokeless cigarettes have been around for years and if you have tried them you know they were just not the same as a regular cigarette, but now we have a real option, Blu Cigs. Blu Cigarettes, the most authentic, convenient, money saving way to smoke.