The-Magic-of-Making-UpAwhile back my husband and I were having a lot of problems within our marriage. At first we tried to communicate through them, but as time went by it became harder and harder for us to communicate with each other at all. We began to feel more like strangers, and we acted like strangers. Both of us began to think about whether or not we even wanted to try to repair our marriage. We loved each other and we always had, but we just didn't know if our love was enough to pull us back together. Once you get into the habit of being distant with each other and arguing when you do talk it can seem like nothing can ever get the marriage back to the loving way that it once was. A friend turned me on to The Magic of Making Up, she said she highly recommended it.

I learned so much through The Magic of Making Up. My husband and I tried the ?recipes? in it and after going over it we decided to at least try and see if we could repair the damage that had been done to our marriage. We did still love each other and wanted to make sure that we didn't throw the towel in too soon. Slowly we began to get closer again and after we continued to follow the The Magic of Making Up advice we only became stronger. Now we are doing very well and we are back in the habit of being happy with one another and loving each other. We are very glad that we didn't throw the towel in when we were considering it.

If you are having a hard time in your marriage then you will want to give The Magic of Making Up a try. You will want to do what you can to see if your marriage can be saved. When you follow this advice and work on your marriage you will find that most marriages can be saved, yours may be one of them.

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