Smoking Vapor defines electronic cigarettes with flavored vapor, long-lasting power, and smooth delivery with the unique and patented smart chip technology and one piece design.

If you or a loved one feel frustrated about quit smoking methods that just don't work, have thrown in the towel on going cold turkey, or want a better alternative cigarette, this Smoking Vapor review answers these needs.

Smoking may be a difficult habit to break, but you might have heard stories about people who are able top easily quit using electronic cigarettes. Smoking Vapor is one of the companies that supports a smoker with easy-to-use alternative cigarettes with their patented one piece design.


Smoking Vapor: Alternative Cigarette Review

Smoking Vapor offers 3 kinds of electronic cigarette kits featuring their patented electronic cigarette design. These kits include all that one needs to get started in their vaping journey and continue enjoying the flavored vapor taste sensation. These kits include items like rechargeable Lithium Ion e-cigarette batteries, cartomizers which holds the flavors and nicotine content, chargers, and a detailed instruction manual.

Smoking Vapor has disposable electronic cigarettes. These come in 3 flavors which are Red Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, and Cool Menthol. These may be bought as singles, as a bundle of 3 or 20 pieces.

The cartomizer comes in packs that contain 5 pieces. One may choose among the 4 the nicotine levels which are from none to extra-high. Smoking Vapor has the following full-bodied and delicious flavors:

Red Tobacco
Classic Tobacco
Cool Menthol
Premium Menthol

Smoking Vapor has accessories for their electronic cigarette brand. There are 3 kinds of chargers which are a car charger, a USB charger, and a home charger for plugging into a wall outlet. With 5 stylish carrying cases with solid colors such as black or pink, securely hold and bring along an electronic cigarette, a cartomizer, battery, and charger in these.

One can get extra white and colored long-lasting rechargeable Lithium Ion e-cigarette batteries batteries which house the unique and patented smart chip exclusive to Smoking Vapor. This smart chip aid in creating a smooth and consistent flavor delivery every time it is inhaled.

For the better 'smoke', use Smoking Vapor alternative cigarettes.

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