If you have a creative streak in you that loves to design products, oftentimes the problem is where to get them from your head to an actual product. Many times, personalized products require a minimum volume before anyone would accept a production order. That is not a problem with an online marketplace like Zazzle.com where you are able to design anything from t-shirts to mugs to invitation cards and more, produce any quantity (no minimum required) AND place them for sale at an online marketplace where you get to earn additional royalty.

The creative side of you will absolutely love how you can finally realize your dreams of not just seeing your creative product actually produced but you now have an avenue at Zazzle.com for marketing it online for others to buy and appreciate as well.


It’s really an easy process. Just click “Create” on the leftmost side of the menu bar. It brings you to a page where you have a choice as to what to create: clothing, accessories, cards and postage, items for home and pets, office products, art posters, electronics items and a lot more. If you wanted, say, to create a personalized mug, you can click on that option. You are given the option to upload an image and/or text to stick on the mug. Once done, choose the quantity you are ordering (there are volume discounts for larger quantities ordered). You can even order just one! And that’s just the creative side!

You can earn from your creations at Zazzle.com too. Open your very own Zazzle store free and showcase your products. With Zazzle.com’s over 20 million shoppers per month, your creations have a very good chance of being bought up by people who appreciate your designs. You set your own royalty rate and have the potential to earn so much more.

Buyers and sellers will surely love Zazzle.com. As a buyer, you are able to create and order your very own design products without a minimum order quantity. Graphic designers and creative people, on the other hand, who wish to work from home will take to Zazzle.com right away. Without the overhead of a brick-and-mortar store, one still gets the same or better profit margins by selling through an online marketplace like Zazzle.com.