Did you know that when you wear non-organic cotton clothing, you are wearing material that was grown with the use of pesticides (including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and defoliants)? So much of these pesticides and synthetic fertilizers deplete the nutrients from our soil and add to soil pollution. Switch to organic clothing from Yes Its Organic and start saving our soil while investing in clothes that sustain the environment and preserve our soil’s nutrients.

Why continue to live a lifestyle that continuously pollutes the earth, air and water as well as our bodies? It’s time we take the high road to wellness, healthier living and progress towards a sustainable environment. For one, non-organic cotton use genetically-modified organism (GMO) cotton seeds while organic cotton does not.


Yes Its Organic has opened up one such path by offering apparel that use organic cotton, organic wool, hemp and bamboo. Not only are these materials environment-friendly but when worn, they are also actually better for us because the clothes are soft and breathable. You don’t get that icky, sticky feeling like you do with synthetic fiber clothes.

Yes Its Organic clothes are stylish and can be worn no matter what age you are. From afar, the clothes look like any other clothes you find in department stores but the secret is not on the outside but what’s inside – these clothes were made without harming Mother Nature. And no pesticide-sprayed material touches your skin.

Yes Its Organic carries not just men’s, women’s and children’s apparel from natural and organically grown cotton, wool, hemp and bamboo; they’ve also got organic beddings, pillows and bath towels as well as sustainable bamboo furniture. There’s a whole line of organic cotton mattresses to choose from too! And if you practice yoga, their line of yoga clothes complement perfectly your lifestyle and healthy preferences.

Begin the journey to wellness and reduce your own carbon footprint by wearing organic clothes from Yes Its Organic. We can do our share to save Mother Earth for future generations even in small ways. This is one of them.