WonderHangerSince moving into our home, my husband and I have found that we have a very small amount of closet room for our clothes. I had resorted to put a lot more of our clothing in the dresser, but the clothes were becoming very wrinkled. I ended up putting some of our clothes on hangers with other items, it caused us to have to do a little more digging around to look for our clothes, but at least they weren't wrinkled when we found them. Then one day we heard about the Wonder Hanger and we made sure that we got some of them.

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Now that we have been using the Wonder Hanger set in our closet we are able to hang all of our clothing in the closet and they all fit very nicely. We can even find our clothes much easier because the Wonder Hanger staggers our clothing downward on one hanger allowing us to see all of the clothes that are on that one hanger. We have extra room in our closet even, which is very nice and something that we had not expected.

The Wonder Hanger has really helped us to get our closet organized, which means that our room has become more organized as well. We are now able to hang all of our jackets and coats in the closet too, we weren't able to do this before and our jackets and coats were hung in the hall closet along with our cleaning supplies which made no sense. I also bought some for our children's closet so that we could free up a lot of extra space in their room. The Wonder Hanger has really helped make my job a lot easier when it comes to keeping our bedrooms looking good and being more organized. I am very happy with these hangers.

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