Want lingerie that is so tempting, it's almost wicked? That's what Wicked Temptations is all about - plus a few more naughty things. In this review, discover one of the most affordable and sexiest lingerie stores online.

Seductive lingerie has its advantages. Wearing one will make you purr and your partner roar. Passion might not be easy to come by but when wearing Wicked Temptations, it is easy to ignite.

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Wicked Temptations: More than Lingerie

What does this naughty store have that you might like? Well, there are a lot of fun stuff!

Maybe you would like a pair of high heels for the footsie night?
Built-in bust support underwear to have a deeper cleavage and an instant lift?

Would you like to be able to Mix and Match your own Wicked Temptations tops and bottoms?

Sexy Swimwear

What's your fantasy?
Feeling kind of kinky?

Wicked Temptations has these and more:

Erotic wear
Leather clothes and accessories
Vinyl clothes
Dresses, tops, and bottoms
Fantasy wear and costumes
Toys and gadgets

In the dark or for that afternoon delight, be it a long-playing love scene or a quickie, you surely will enjoy it more when taken off - or not - is Wicked Temptations.

And, these may be worn underneath you outfit so you may feel sexy and ready to have a little fun any moment of the day. Shocking lingerie that is not for prudes - ideal women and men who want to make themselves look incredibly sexy.

Some of the items for sale at Wicked Temptations is considered taboo, so it's better that you visit the Wicked Temptations site to find out what tricks, tips, and gadgets would turn you or your partner on.

Wicked Temptations: More than a Bag of Tricks

We all seek to height our pleasure. Wearing sexy lingerie is one way to do it naturally. If you want more props to get ready for that special date, then you can find items galore at Wicked Temptations.

Enjoy shopping.
Earn rewards.
Be more sexy.
Love your body.

At Wicked Temptations, there are no holds barred.