Wearable_TowelAlright, I've got the Snuggie the Designer Snuggie and I got a Snugglet for my niece but now I've got the Wearable Towel, it's the best.

This thing is basically a sundress made of absorbent towel material, and I really love it. I got one just to use around the house and one to leave in the car for when I go to the beach or a pool party.

It's really great for the beach, instead of drying off with a dirty towel -- who knows what's on that beach. You can just toss the Wearable Towel on and sit around on your beach blanket. It keeps the sun off too, which we all know keeps us looking younger!

Wearable Towel Colors
Ivory White
Venetian Red
Cobalt Blue
Also check out the Wearable Towels for your Dog, great for after a bath to prevent them from shaking off excess water around the home
extra small

The video is a little silly, I've never had this much trouble with a towel, but their on the right track. It's just annoying to have a towel wrapped around you. You can hardly move and you really can't do much but stand around and dry off with it on. With the Wearable Towel I can walk around, eat something at a BBQ and even dance -- trust me, I tested it!

I highly suggest getting a Wearable Towel or two, they're great for the shower too. I can toss it on and do some cooking or laundry while I dry off, and it doesn’t get hot or heavy with water like my big bathrobe.

So go buy a Wearable Towel, it's really a simple but ingenious solution to dragging around a towel.