Get t-shirts, caps, and visors with a purpose with We The People. Make a statement that upholds our democracy with the first 3 words of the constitution. We The People is non-partisan and serves a reminder for us and everyone who sees these to keep the fire that forged the US constitution burning as we use our right to vote, for our freedom of speech, and more.

If you have ever been deprived or know of someone who has ignored a certain right - if your point has been left unheard - or you would want to do more to stand up for what is the foundation of our democratic institution, there is a non-conflicting way emphasize that we should all be aware of our rights and go out and vote.

The electoral process is vital to our nation's progress. No matter what political affinity you may have, we all desire one thing, which is for every vote to be counted and everyone to cast their vote. And, by wearing We The People items, the words will make a positive impact on all.

There are 3 different types of We The People clothing and accessories:

We The People Visors
One Size Fits All

We The People Caps
One Size Fits All

We The People T-shirts
Sizes range from Small to XXLarge

Create that spark of interest. Get the conversation going. Wear the perfect t-shirt and headgear for the upcoming 2012 election. Share it with others to make more of an impact.

When you order any of the We The People clothing and accessories, the company will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Plus, you will be getting a FREE Pocket Size Constitution.

Make a difference just by wearing We The People t-shirts and accessories. Choose the color of the We The People item and bestow these as gifts. We The People are the trendiest t-shirts and accessories that say the first 3 words of our constitution out loud.