You’ll never have to worry again about makeup leaks that spill out and ruin your favorite cosmetic bag. With the Vemayca cosmetic bag, all you need to do is take out the liner, pop in a new one, and your cosmetic bag is as good as new. It’s everything you are looking for in a bag that holds your favorite makeup items – removable, replaceable and recyclable.

Makeup leaks cannot be helped. Your lipstick cover comes off, smearing your bag; liquid foundation spills; mascara blots; compacts accidentally open and spill colored powder; or perfume leaks from its container. You can try washing these bags but after some time, you may as well toss them away and get another because some smudges and stains won’t go away anymore. Doesn’t that sometimes make you wonder why a removable lining in the cosmetic bag wasn’t thought up before? Well, that is exactly what Vemayca’s creator, Veronica, did. She launched her own stylish yet functional Vemayca cosmetic bags that will last you for years and years.

Vemayca cosmetic bag is meant to last and meant to always look as good as new. Here are some of its great features:

  • There is a removable Soft Pearl liner.
  • It is machine-washable.
  • Zippered side pockets give you added functionality and separate storage space for items such as your cellphone and glasses.
  • You can see what’s inside the bag so it’s easy to spot the makeup item you need.
  • The bag has a flat bottom. That small feature is a standout with Vemayca bags because your bag won’t topple over when you put it down. Instead, it stands upright.

Vemayca comes in 3 different varieties. There is a petite cosmetic bag for those occasions when you want to downsize and carry only a few cosmetic items. A black cosmetic bag is just right to bring around when you want a more formal look or for traveling and want to minimize smudge looks. A bright red cosmetic bag is not only eye-catching but holds a lot of the cosmetics you want to have with you all the time. Replaceable cosmetic bag liners are likewise available at the Vemayca site.

With Vemayca, you get style and functionality while staying eco-friendly since you can keep reusing your cosmetic bag with the replaceable liners.