Urban_Smart_Baggz_1_Without the stigma of an actual fanny pack, Urban Smart Baggz allows you to have an accessory with urban functionality and versatility.

The fanny pack days are few and far between, but the alternative bulging jean pockets is not a pleasant alternative. Urban Smart Baggz are adjustable to support any on the go venture. On a day when a backpack or tote bag is unnecessary you can conveniently fold the larger pocket away into the secured zipper compartment and use the compact accessory form. When in the compact form, Urban Smart Baggz fit comfortably on the front, side or rear of your waist as well as wearing cross shoulder either on the front or back. If you need to grab it on the go as a carry item, you can secure the straps under the convenient Velcro closure.

Urban_Smart_Baggz_Urban Smart Baggz has a large secured zipper pocket for for organizing and an extra zipper pocket on the strap for easy access to your keys no matter what style you chose to transform it into. And with your important items secured, your hands will always be free and can still grab that call on the first ring with the convenient Velcro front pocket

Urban Smart Baggz come in several colors and have adjustable straps to fit any lifestyle. Made from 100% polyester fiber for water resistance and easy maintenance. Urban Smart Baggz is a Registered Model featuring French design and their unique logo. Be the first to try this unique new European style XL wallet with an extra hidden bag!

Visit urbansmartbaggz.com for more information and photos of the Urban Smart Baggz.