Try the United Shades Virtual Mirror. This United Shades review of a popular online eyeglasses store takes out the guess work about which of over 7000 eyeglasses and sunglasses will look great on you. Enjoy a online shopping experience like never before!

United Shades has over 30 of the most famous sunglasses designer brands in the world.

With duty free online shopping and worldwide shipping, the website that makes choosing a pair of eyeglasses easy is the trendiest eyeglasses shop on the net.

United Shades Virtual Mirror

When you go to an eyeglasses store, you may try on a pair of shades that you like. Yet, after trying on more than a few, the salesperson who is attending to your needs may not be that civil anymore. Sometimes you won't buy any of the shades that you tried at all. So, the next time you go to that store the same salesperson will give you a look like you're wasting their time.

Why pressure yourself and deal with these small issues when you can try on as many shades and eyeglasses as you want using the United Shades Virtual Mirror?

Simply by uploading a photo, taking one with a webcam, or using the demo, you can fit as many as your heart desires. The Virtual Mirror enables you to make a studied decision based on the way it fits your face.

United Shades Designer Brands

The most famous and well known brands are in this online store. From Prada's to Ralph Laurens Purple Label, the "in-style" Ray-Ban to a classic Alexander McQueen, Mui Mui by Prada, Hugo Boss, Gucci, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, and Yves Saint Laurent, and more, the names that have dominated the industry for years and the newest popular ones are here!

Other websites might have designer brands but as we all very well know that there are a lot of fake ones flooding the market. Those look authentic but are low quality imitations.

United Shades has 100% authentic brands so you can shop with confidence that you're getting the real thing. United Shades sunglasses and eyeglasses come in the latest styles and classic looks. The ideal site for someone that wants to collect as many shades as Elton John or Ozzie Ozborne without being outlandish.

United Shades
Celebrity Style

Change your look instantly with a pair of new United Shades. More than just looking great, give your eyes the protection that it needs against glare, and provide clearer visibility while driving. Get a quality pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses from United Shades by using the Virtual Mirror to try it before you buy it right now.