Udder-CoverNursing in public has never been easier and more hassle-free. With Udder Covers, you’ll be able to nurse in public while keeping the entire act in private, and remaining quite the stylish mother. The good thing about Udder Covers is that you do not have to rush off to a bathroom or some other enclosed area, or cut a conversation or event short whenever your baby needs to breastfeed. You can stay in your daily routine even with your baby on hand. With Udder Covers' various designs and patterns, you can choose the pattern and design that fits whatever you’re wearing at the moment.

Another great thing about Udder Covers is that it’s not just about the covers. Udder Covers offers almost everything you need to help you while you are nursing your baby. Nursing never has to be a nuisance with what Udder Covers has to offer. With a breastfeeding bracelet that takes note of what side you’re nursing from and how long you’re nursing, plus breast pads that protect your skin from irritation from moisture, you’re good to go with breastfeeding in both public and private places. Ordering your own Udder Covers is very easy and accessible on the net. You can order just the covers or just the breast pads, or you can order it as a set; everything you need in a small portable bag, ready to bring all with you wherever you need to be at. Also, the price is unbelievable for something that saves you a lot of time and effort.

With Udder Covers, you can stay in eye contact with your baby while breastfeeding and still doing your daily routine. Made of 100% breathable cotton, machine washable and stainless steel d-rings that allow for a fully adjustable neckline, Udder Covers will allow you to breastfeed your baby in comfort, style and confidence, anytime and anyplace. With Udder Covers, what other cover is there?

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