There is something about the kind and style of accessories you wear that makes a statement about you even before you speak. People who love rock, for example, want to have that “look” that defines them or makes them look different from the rest. If your taste in clothes and accessories runs along the rock-inspired type of wardrobe or you love the surf, turn to Tropicari. Although they are known for their leather jewelry, they also carry gold and silver jewelry, titanium and stainless steel jewelry, watches and sunglasses and even jewelry that look great while surfing.

This whole concept was thought of by Tropicari’s founder in 2004 while on vacation in the Caribbean. In fact Tropicari comes from the words Tropical Caribbean. He felt there was never enough fashionable jewelry that men and women could wear and so he made sure his Tropicari jewelry was as unique and appealing as possible.

The most popular collection in Tropicari is its leather line of fashion accessories. They’ve got a wide collection of leather necklaces, leather bracelets, leather watches and leather jewelry that can match your attire, whether you want to go all out casual, sporty or a bit more chic. While some of the leather bracelents have wider bands so that statements can be imprinted on them such as those that read “Believe in Yourself”, there are sporty ones like the two-toned braided flat leather bracelet that one can wear to the gym, while playing tennis or while running. For women who want to look more fashionable, go for the bracelet with the thick braided leather and sterling silver lobster clasp.

The popular cross design is also found in their t-shirts as well as their cross necklaces. And for those who love surfing, keep looking trendy and sporty with their surf jewelry that will look great around your neck as you stroll the beach or take to the surf. Many of their bracelets, necklaces and cuffs incorporate leather, gemstones, gold and silver in them.

Check out Tropicari for fun, funky, fashionable clothing and accessories.