Now you can wear those fashionable hip jeans or shorts with your favorite blouse without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions that can occur when you squat, bend down or reach up. Say goodbye to exposed bellies or behinds with Trendy Top Wrap, the fashionable wrap that goes around your torso.

Hip jeans are the in thing now and they look good while you are standing. But the moment you sit down, you could be exposing more than you want to.  That’s the case also when you need to pick up something on a low shelf, say in a supermarket. As you bend to pick up the item, you realize that the jeans have moved and your underwear could be peeking out. Low-cut jeans, while the fad at the moment, tend to drop in the butt area, showing more than you care to. This can be a very embarrassing moment. Sure, you can always wear long tops that go beyond the hips but what happens to those nice short blouses that you also want to wear?

Trendy Top Wrap is the way to look fashionable while protecting that torso portion from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. It actually serves as an extra layer of clothing to bridge the gap between the end of your shorter tops and the top of your hip jeans. Feel confident as you reach high up to get something or crouch low. Either way, no skin shows. And by wearing Trendy Top Wrap, you can actually make it look like you have a new set of clothes as it gives you a totally different look. It is made of natural cotton blend fabric so you stay cool even with it against your skin.

Trendy Top Wrap comes in black and white but with your order, you also get a bonus, a Trendy Top Wrap in lacy black! Step out with style and confidence any time you wear a Trendy Top Wrap.

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