toms shoeTOMS Shoes are the perfect match of basic design and brilliant styling and the combination creates some of the most comfortable, fun and conversation starting footwear that you can put on. Though TOMS Shoes has only been around for a handful of years the company has sold hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes and in the true spirit of generosity and community has also donated the very same number of shoes that they have sold to children in need through their incredible “one for one” program.

Made from durable and environmentally friendly materials like burlap, canvas and denim and with plenty of vegan options, virtually everyone will be able to find a comfortable and well made pair of shoes that fits both their personal wardrobe style and their lifestyle. With a pair of TOMS Shoes, you will not only be making a bold and unique fashion statement, but you’ll be doing so in the most earth and animal friendly way possible.

With the huge variety of choices available at TOMS Shoes you’ll be able to find perfect options for every member of the family, for every occasion – whether your personal style is subtle and subdued or bold and out loud.

There is no other shoe manufacturer in the world that offers the consumer the combination of quality and service with the sustainability and mission of TOMS Shoes. At TOMS Shoes you can purchase for comfort, you can purchase for style, you can purchase for the earth or you can purchase for charity all with a single pair of shoes.

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