Toasty-WrapOn wintry, chilly nights, there can be nothing better than snuggling underneath something warm while watching your favorite TV show, working on your computer, or just walking around the house warm and cozy. But sometimes, snuggling under blankets can be inconvenient. Some blankets are too small and do not cover all our extremities. We end up still feeling chilly while we try to move the blanket around to cover those cold areas. At other times, when you want to reach out for that cup of coffee or for the telephone, the blanket would slide off you. And imagine trying to work on your computer with a blanket in front of you but which keeps slipping everytime you raise your hands to the keyboard. You need not fret anymore because you can check out Toasty Wrap.

Toasty Wrap is a fleece blanket which, when touched, feels luxuriously soft to the skin. It is not just a rectangular blanket like most other fleece blankets. The Toasty Wrap has oversized sleeves so you can put your arms right through them. Anyone will fit right inside the Toasty Wrap, whether you are a small-, medium- or large-sized person. It can cover anyone in your family from the neck to the toes. Best of all, because it has sleeves, you can go right ahead and work on your computer, reach out for things, and do just about anything around the house because both hands are free, and still stay warm and toasty inside.

Toasty Wrap is a perfect gift idea for anyone that you know who would appreciate receiving something to keep him warm during chilly nights. This can be a wonderful gift even for a young child or an elderly person who needs to be kept warm to avoid catching a cold or something even worse.

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