the tog shopThe Tog Shop has been providing high quality, comfortable and fashionable clothing to mature women for more than half a century and today, the online Tog Shop is just as attentive to its customers fashion and customer service needs.

Just because you are over the age of sixteen, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care what you look like anymore and the Tog Shop seems to understand that more than any other online retailer. As women age, they still need to feel in touch and stylish and they don’t want to have to try and alter their personal sense of style too much in order to look good and feel comfortable.

The Tog Shop offers a very wide array of fun, casual and even sexy options for image conscious women who might have a difficult time finding something that they really like or really want to wear on the racks of most retailers. Choose from skirts, pants, cardigans and knit tops to create your very own; grab a high quality and versatile jacket that will keep your warm and dry but have you looking cool or pick from a never ending supply of shoes and accessories that will perfectly pull a new outfit together.

You could spend an eternity traveling from store to store trying to piece together outfits that look as good as they feel, or you could save time and money and deal with a store that has been helping mature women look great for decades – the perfect new wardrobe is literally just a few clicks away at the Tog Shop.

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