The RackTrapThere are times that you need to go somewhere, but you don’t want to carry around a big, bulky purse or wallet – it’s these time that you need The RackTrap. The RackTrap is a super convenient way to hold your driver’s license, cash and credit cards that slips easily and comfortably right inside your bra.

With The RackTrap you can walk to the store without lugging your purse around, you can hit the streets for a run without wondering where you’ll keep your ID or your emergency money or you can hit the nightclub without having to worry about watching over your bag. With The RackTrap, everything that you need is held neatly and discreetly inside of a comfortable pocket right inside of your bra.

The RackTrap lets you go completely hands free, where ever you are going for the absolute ultimate in convenience. With The RackTrap you’ll always know exactly where all of your really important things are – you can instantly eliminate all of the fumbling around and digging in an overcrowded bag that’s full of a bunch of unnecessary garbage.

You’ll no longer have to worry about what you’re going to do with your bag once you get somewhere or where you are going to put your money or credit cards when taking a purse is impossibility. The RackTrap is the perfect way for any woman who is looking to take a simpler and more hands free approach to getting around, without having to sacrifice anything to do so.

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