Tees with unique designs have now become the new trend. Not only are they able to complement the overall look but they can also reveal a person’s artistic side.

There are many tee brands out there that showcase various designs but Tee Fury is a cut above the rest. Tee Fury is an online shop that is known for its artistic and interesting designs that capture everyone’s attention.

Tee Fury shirts come with designs that are considered one-of-a-kind. The designs are created by various t-shirt designers all over the world. When a certain design is chosen, it will be used for the t-shirt and will be offered as a limited edition shirt. Each chosen design is displayed and offered for one day only. If the shirt design is sold out before the day ends, the offer is closed. Once sold, the design will never be made available again through the site.

Tee Fury shirts have sizes for both men and women. The men's shirt size ranges from small to double extra large while the women’s ranges from small to extra large. For individuals who aren’t sure about their size, the official website of Tee Fury offers a guide in obtaining the proper shirt size, enabling the customers to have the perfect fit.

The fabric used by Tee Fury is 100% cotton, which gives the body a comfortable feeling when worn. The designs are printed using a high-end printing machine, ensuring that the print will not fade easily. With Tee Fury shirts, you get a high-quality shirt with a design that you will be proud to flaunt.

A Tee Fury design only costs $10, making it an affordable yet quality shirt that you will love. For the finest designs not found else where, the Tee Fury shirt is indeed a great catch that you should not miss. Orders are however limited up to three t-shirts for every buyer. This is to give everyone the chance to own a Tee Fury shirt.

Shipment of Tee Fury shirts is possible anywhere in the world. The shipping cost varies depending on your location. If you are residing within the US you will pay $2.50 shipping fee for one shirt. If you are living outside the US, the delivery charge is higher. The delivery period may take days or weeks but once you receive your package it will be worth the wait.

If you want to get a limited edition shirt with the coolest design for a cheap price, Tee Fury is the answer.