What is the best kind of watch that tells more than time?

Chronograph watches have other functions yet will those possibly live up to your lifestyle? May those old style watches measure distance, speed, altitude, or check your heart rate?

We live in a high tech world. Micro is in - lugging around a whole set of gadgets is out. Wearing a multi-tasking watch around your wrist was foreseen to be the future... and you can own this state-of-the-art watch today.

The watch that may do more for you than show you the time is Tech4o.

Level Up Performance

What kind of gadgets do you need while doing exercises like brisk walking? A pedometer is good to have to count the steps. A heart rate monitor would be practical to use.

Measuring the how far you have traveled, how long the workout has been, what speed you are achieving, how much calories are burning will bring out the best of your fitness routine. Know what direction to go with a compass or use GPS.

When choosing a Tech4o, take a look at the various features.

Step Out With Style

The sleek design and color choices of these watches are distinct. Digital technology with top of the line features, wear it morning until night. Change your Tech4o to match your activity or to make a fashion statement.

Don’t just wear a watch, wear a Tech4o.

Know More Than Time

A Tech4o may have a PC link and software analysis. Know how you perform when doing a certain activity. Know your limits with a heart rate monitor. Go anywhere without getting lost with a GPS function. Wear something around your wrist that can monitor your steps, speed, distance, acceleration, or use to map out the route.

Why wear a watch to that will just tell the time when you can wear a Tech4o? Other watch reviews cannot compare to the functions of these watches that is practically a gadget.

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