TCaps reviewTCaps are sun accessories reinvented! Sunglasses and cap combined. Wear them with your prescription glasses.

Suits the outdoor lifestyle, the trendy TCaps make you look great. Discover the latest fashion accessory for adults and kids with this TCaps review. Special Offer from this TCaps review if you want to buy it.

Why wear a pair of shades and hat when you place on cool TCaps? Perfect for the outdoor lifestyle, TCaps can be used to prevent the heat of the sun from bearing down on your head and keep your eyes protected. TCaps are unique and do help you have more ease of use than wearing a pair of sunglasses and hat too!

Discover the wonderful accessory with this TCap review video.

TCaps sunglasses slide up and down. Smooth move. Bring the sunglasses down when you need them. Slide them up into the top front of the cap when you don't. This feature helps prevent your sunglasses from being damaged when you take of the TCap from your head.

TCaps don't touch your nose. Most sunglasses have the two small pieces that make the glasses rest on your nose. These turn yellow after sometime from the sweat and dirt. TCaps don't have these!

TCaps have no glasses handles to hook over your ears. More freedom and lighter! When the glasses handles are gone like in TCaps, you can sweat without it being stuck above your ear. Wiping your face and the sweat around your ears will be easier by just simply lifting off the TCaps.

TCaps sunglasses don't fall down. When you look down, these don't slide. If you are active, these 100% UV protected sunglasses are perfect as they won't have to be pushed back up. They won't fall off as the cap hold it in place.

TCaps can be worn with your eyeglasses. Now this is great! Contact lenses dry up, they can't be splattered with sea water. No need to have special prescription sunglasses made as with TCaps - you can wear your eyeglasses!

TCaps comes in different styles. Choose the sunglasses style that you want. Pick the color that you like. Get the one to suit the sport you are into such as sailing, golf, baseball, skiing or running. Kids have special TCaps styles too.

If you want the ultimate sun accessory, get TCaps. This TCaps review offer makes it cheaper for you to buy 2. One TCaps costs only $24.95 but if you buy two, you just pay $39.95. Get these great TCaps! Wear them during winter, spring, summer, or fall.

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