Strapworks offers better straps of any length, width, or color. Strapworks has Straps, Tie-Downs, Hardware, and Webbing. You might be wondering about the need for straps. Learn more about the functionality of straps with this review.

There's more to Strapworks than to having a nice camera strap. Look at the situation the man is facing in this photo. Would he be able make the headache less with a few straps?

What is a Strap?

The dictionary defines the straps this website specializes in as:

A long narrow strips of pliant material such as leather that may be equipped with a buckle or similar fastener, a thin flat metal or plastic band, and a band that goes over the shoulder and supports a garment or bag

What is a strap used for?

A strap is used to bind, fasten, clamp, or secure object together or into position.

Ever had a strap that broke? One that is worn down? Used a strap because it came along with the item?

Most straps are boring and adds no appeal to whatever it is holding in place or securing. Most of us never think twice about getting a nice looking strap or even consider how serviceable it is. We don't mind the eye-sore an ordinary strap has because it came along with the package.

Strapworks makes better straps. What are your specifications? For personal use or the various industries, once you have great straps that serve the purpose more efficiently and look better than most others - you will appreciate owning a strap created by Strapworks.

Strapworks is a family business. In 1976, Thomas Foster, the owner, started by making cam straps. Building up the company slowly but surely with a reputation of quality and durability, their impressive list of over 100,000 customers includes N.A.S.A, Fuji Photo Corp., U.S. Armed Forces, Apple Computer Inc, and Thousands of State, County, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies and Fire Departments.

Strapsworks has:

- No minimum order
- No salex tax
- Volume discounts
- Wholesale prices

What kind of straps and accessories does Strapworks make?

There are 7 general categories. Each one has a sub-category. Here's the list of straps.

Straps and Tie-Downs. Cam Straps, Ratchet Straps, Double D-Ring Straps, Simple Slings, and Shoulder Straps.

Webbing. Heavyweight Polypropylene, Lightweight Polypropylene, Flat Nylon, Polyester, Tubular Nylon, and Ribbon on Webbing.

Metal Hardware. Cam Buckles, D-Rings, Ratchet Buckles, Side Release Buckles, O-Rings, Stainless Steel, and Solid Brass.

Plastic Hardware. Side Release Buckles, Slides, Loops, Strap Adjusters, Cord Locks, Snap Hooks, and D-Rings.

Belts. Double D-Ring Belts, Sports Belts, Side Release Belts, Double O-Ring Belts, and 3-Bar Slide Belts.

Cordage and Rope. Kernmantle Rope, Parachute Cord, Utility Cord, and Prussic Cord.

Elastic and Velcro Brand Fasteners. Hook & Loop Velcro and Other Brands, Velcro Brand, One-Wrap, Elastic, and Patterned Elastic.

Strapsworks has specialty straps for these uses:

ATV and Motorsports
Paddlesports & Rafting
Retail and Consumer Safety
Hiking and Camping
Tactical and Hunting
Pets and Farm
Ocean Sports and Recreation
Travel and Luggage
Bags and Cameras
Law Enforcement and Public Safety
Team Sports

Note: If what you are looking for is not included in this list, you still may order straps to suit your requirements.

Strapworks can do anything you want in a strap. If you want customized straps or creative idea for a unique and personalized strap, if it is possible, this company will make it.

The Strapworks motto is: "Any Strap, Any Length, Any Color".

Visit the site today to see the sample straps and accessories that this company makes. .