You’ve got your body covered when you partner with SpanX, that revolutionary body shapewear made by Sara Blakely so that you finally get rid of unwanted visible panty lines, sagging butts and bulging bellies. Endorsed by fashion magazines such as Vogue, InStyle and Glamour magazines and celebrities such as Oprah and Tyra Banks, you know that SpanX is your answer to a slimmer, shapelier you whenever you need to go out of your home.

Sometimes, even a slim woman needs some help. There are just some body areas that still need covering up or reshaping and even with fitness programs, the effects are not immediately seen. On certain occasions, you just want to look good and you wish you could fast track the effects of a workout. When you want to look much better in your clothes so you can step out in confidence, SpanX is your solution. With sheer but powerful fabric which are lightweight but also have strong compression powers, SpanX tames those love handles and saggy areas around your tummy and lower torso. The moment you put on SpanX, it hugs your body like second skin. Say goodbye to those visible panty lines that make wearing sheer, skimpy clothes difficult.

There are different SpanX lines for different occasions. Skinny Britches tame tummy, hips, thighs and butt. With Slimplicity, silky body-shaping fabric feels like satin but still has the power to give your body a suck-in look. In-Power Line features powerful tummy panels and mega compression zones that can be worn comfortably all day and yet firmly control thighs, hips and rear. Hide & Sleek is perfect under clingy clothes, feeling light against your skin and making your body look smooth and shapely underneath. Slim Cognito features strategically placed compression zones to make your tummy look trim. The Original Power Collection features performance hosiery shapers and sheers, the original products produced as SpanX by Sara Blakely. There are special maternity pantyhose and body shapewear like Power Mama for pregnant women which are safe to wear because it features stretch yarns that grow with the growing belly of the mother. And now, there is even SpanX for Men featuring undershirts and underwear that shape and control those flabby areas.

Always look good anytime, anywhere. You may be in casual wear or in formal attire. There is a SpanX solution for you every time.

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