sonsiAre you tired of seeing advertisements and going to stores that only seem to cater to petites and juniors? Do you want a store that proudly offers beautiful clothing for women with substance, for women with real curves? Sonsi carries a full line of apparel and accessories for women who are size twelve and above.

The incredible array of choices at Sonsi help plus sized women feel beautiful in every one of life’s situations. The perfect selections of clothes and accessories for the office, for the pool, for an evening out or for relaxing – whatever your mission or mood, Sonsi will help to provide the perfect ensemble for you to feel every bit as beautiful as you should.

With over eighty of the most popular and respected manufacturer’s to choose from, you know that you’ll be getting nothing but the best quality in every garment from Sonsi – with names like Layne Bryant, Maggie Barnes, Playtex, Tres Chic and Cacique you can fill virtually every section of your wardrobe with the classiest, most wonderful and well constructed garments for every occasion.

New clothing is supposed to make a woman feel beautiful and to feel her best, but it’s difficult to feel your best when the only thing available on the shelves of your local stores is made for a girl that’s a fraction of your size. Sonsi helps real women, with real bodies and real curves find the perfect fitting, most well made and most beautiful clothes all in one location and all at affordable prices.

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