SnapTotes-Custom-TotesMemories are so precious and we constantly look for ways to preserve these priceless moments with family and friends. Sometimes there are really special pictures that one wants to remember. We take those family pictures around with us in our wallets, ready to show these to friends and other family members. With the advent of digital pictures, gadgets became another way of carrying photos around. If you have tired of the same old ways of showing everyone who are the people who mean the world to you, you will want a unique way of showing them off.  SnapTotes custom photo handbags show off the picture or pictures of the special people in your life right on your tote bag. With SnapTotes custom photo handbags, your favorite picture becomes the covering of your custom-made bag.  Wherever you go, you would have the memories of your loved ones right beside you.

Ordering your very own SnapTotes is easy.  First, you choose a bag from among 2 dozen bag styles with choice of strap, liner, color and so on. It's not just handbags available. There are backpacks, lunch boxes, diaper bags and clutches as well. The gallery allows you to zoom in on each bag style so you can really see up close how a bag would look. Second, decide on a 4x6 photo and send it in to SnapTotes. If additional adjustments have to be done on the photo there are tools on-site for you to use in cropping, positioning, editing, and color adjusting. Lastly, provide payment information and place your order. A confirmation order is sent to you within 2 hours and your finished bag arrives within 3 weeks.

When you give the SnapTotes custom photo handbag as a gift, this will truly make your loved one's eyes glow because the bag is personalized just for her alone. No other person will ever have this bag as it is one of a kind. If you choose this as your very own special bag, you will want to use this on almost every occasion. It is one way of keeping those you love very close to you.

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