Jazz up your party look and make heads turn. Snap On Feathers clip on easily to any part of your hair to give that alluring, hot look that makes heads turn as soon as you enter the room. They’re so easy to attach too. Just clip them on and they stay on. You’ll be a glamorous partygoer the entire evening!

Salons can attach permanent feathers but that would cost you a fortune. Do-it-yourself feather kits can be messy, what with all that glue and clips. But Snap On Feathers can be done in the comfort of your own home and in a jiffy. In fact, it is so easy to apply that you can just keep the feathers in a corner of your purse while you are at work and attach them to your hair just before you leave for the party.


Here’s why Snap On Feathers are the best hair accessory for you:

  • They are very simple clip-on extensions. That means they attach to your hair and come off just as easily. They are comfortable to wear and hardly noticeable as you wear them.
  • The feathers come in 3 colors and are pre-assembled. When you order, you will be sent the chestnut color and for a small addition, you also get smokey ash and peacock. Change your look and match the feather with your attire each and every time.
  • They are reusable. That means you only need to buy once and use them over and over. That is savings on salon expenses right there.
  • The clips fit securely in place. No need to worry about it coming off or falling as you move around or dance. When you clip them on, they stay on.

Look fashionable as you wear the hottest fashion hair trend to parties. With Snap On Feathers, look trendy without the pain of salon costs or spending a lot of time with do-it-yourself feather kits.