slanketThe Slanket Blanket is the ORIGINAL Blanket with Sleeves for people who deserve the best, the biggest, and won't settle for anything less than the original. The Slanket Blanket is made of fleece, and becomes even softer because of 100% polyester microfibers. It's machine washable and can be used just like an ordinary blanket but gives you the warm cover that you need with the freedom of movement as it wears just like a robe.

Keeping Warm

There are many people who need to keep warm and placing on layers of thermal clothing or having to put on a heavy coat can be time consuming and even difficult. Everybody, but especially the elderly and infirmed will enjoy the ease of being protected from the cold with a Slanket Blanket as it will eliminate their having to put on multiple layers of clothing. People who are stroke victims and have lost the function of one arm, those who are suffering from illness like lung congestion, those who have difficulty dressing themselves because of joint pains or because they are weak, will be able to keep warm by simply slipping on a Slanket Blanket.

For example, the elderly person would like to sit out on the porch on a rather chilly night. In order for them to go outside, they have to place on a thick jacket and when they sit on their rocking chair, they still will use a blanket to cover their legs. Unless they button down their jacket completely, their chest is still left vulnerable to the cold. If they do not wear a scarf or a turtle neck, their necks will be left exposed. With a Slanket Blanket, you can ensure that the person will be protected from the neck down and comfortable at the same time. Everyone will love the how easy it is to slip on and slide off the Slanket Blanket.

A Blanket To Wear

The Slanket Blanket is uniquely designed to be worn without it falling off because of the way it was cut and sewn. The neck area is extra voluminous to give you the warmth necessary for the area and the sleeves are wide enough for you to have the ease of placing your arms through but will still allow you have the full range of movement. It is so comfortable that it can even help induce sleep as the cozy warm fleece touches your body with it softness and warmth.

The Slanket Blanket comes in 12 different plain colors to choose from. The colors are beige, chocolate, pink, yellow, moss green, hunter green, ruby wine red, apricot orange, Royale lavender, Castlerock gray, Alaskan light blue, Limoges dark blue, and Texas tea black. There are 4 printed patterns to pick from, camouflage, yellow flower blooms, leopard safari and the Arghhh! Skull and Bones design. Slanket Blanket gives you the widest range of choices and can make you look great as you lounge around wearing it. Order your Slanket Blankets today and buy a few more for the entire household, or to give away to loved one. Nothing beats the Original Blanket with Sleeves when it comes to having the best that money can buy.

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