SilkiesLadies are always in need of pantyhose, for all reasons and seasons. They are great in enhancing the look of legs, give that smooth and formal look, and are very practical during cold seasons. It is standard fare to use pantyhose almost every day. But like anything worn frequently, pantyhose do get snags and runs and constantly have to be replaced. If you want to try pantyhose that lasts longer than your usual pair, try Silkies Pantyhose.

Silkies Pantyhose are available in different styles and shades. They have the everyday control top pantyhose, shaping pantyhose, leg support pantyhose, sheer-shaped ones, thigh-high's, summer hosiery, trouser socks, tights and knee-high's. They even carry therapeutic, seasonal and specialty hosiery. Two of their most recent new pantyhose lines are the Control Top Toeless Pantyhose and the Lace Top Thigh-High's. The Control Top Toeless Pantyhose is your traditional pantyhose but with a difference -- it has a unique design that leaves your toes exposed, making your legs look great even when wearing sandals or open-toed shoes. The Lace Top Thigh-High's are a great alternative for brides-to-be.  It fits securely in place with nylon/spandex leg and topped with 3" of stretch lace. It's a one-stop shop for all your hosiery needs. And here's more good news. Silkies Pantyhose have been found by other consumers to be tougher and last longer than their usual brands of pantyhose. This spells a lot of savings on your part if you can use one pair of Silkies Pantyhose several times before disposing of them.

Be gentle on your legs as well as on your wallet. Get all your pantyhose needs from Silkies Pantyhose. They will look like you just opened a fresh pair even after you have used it several times.

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