shoediniIf you’ve got a bad back, joint pain or limited mobility of any kind, getting your shoes on and off can be nearly impossible without some help. Bending over with sore and painful joints or balance issues puts you at risk of injury and a regular shoe horn barely provides any assistance at all.

If you’ve ever had a problem getting in and out of your shoes for any reason, the ShoeDini Show Horn could be the perfect solution for your problem. The ShoeDini Shoe horn is on a telescoping stick, so you don’t have to sit down or bend at all in order to get your shoes on. This means no aches, no pains, no chance of injury causing falls and literally no hassle at all getting in or out of any pair of shoes.

Shoe diniThe ShoeDini Shoe horn also has the added feature of a grip clip to securely hold your shoe in place while you are getting it on or off. You don’t need to fight or fumble to get your shoe where it needs to be, the ShoeDini Shoe Horn’s grip clip keeps it where you want it for fast and easy on and off.

The ShoeDini Shoe horn works on any type of shoe as well, easily slip on or take off your favorite pair of dress shoes, loafers, high heels or sneakers as quickly and safely as possible. You no longer have to wait for your significant other to finish getting ready to help you get your shoes on; you can handle it on your own when you want to because the ShoeDini Shoe Horn makes it safe, easy and completely pain free.

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