No matter what your age is, staying warm on a cold day or night is essential in keeping colds, sore throat and cough away. You need a wrap that not only looks good on you but also stays on even when you move around.  The Shamina is the shawl that provides warmth and style to any occasion.  With its unique “wrap and snap” design that easily allows your arms to slip through, you are kept covered every time you need to stay warm.

Made from high quality Shamere fiber, the Shamina is wrinkle-free and has adjustable sleeves that snap to stay in place.  It is easy to use and comes in various colors and designs to compliment any outfit.  Whether the occasion calls for a rugged, casual, elegant, exotic, professional or formal look, the Shamina is perfect all the time.  Choose from designs like zebra and  leopard, or go for plains such as red, white and black. Wear it as a wrap, a sexy sarong, a scarf or even layer it to create your own look or make a fashion statement.  The Shamina is a "one size fits all" shawl so it doesn’t matter if you are petite or tall. The Shamina shawl is small enough to fit in your purse so you can keep it when it is not too cold and readily pull it out when the weather gets colder.

Wear the Shamina at home, in the office, indoors or outdoors and even when you party with friends or that special someone.  Take it with you when you travel - anytime, anywhere. The Shamina is also a great gift to give away to friends. They will remember you and your wonderful gift each time they use the Shamina because there is no other shawl like it.

When you order your Shamina, you get not only one but two pieces.  That’s because for every piece that you order, you get a corresponding second piece FREE! All you need to do is pay a minimal amount for separate processing and handling for the second item. You can mix and match but just make sure that you order the same number of Buy Ones and Get Ones.

Get your own Shamina now! This amazing, versatile wrap can be used different ways no matter what your attire may be.