leftimageA t-shirt doesn’t have to be just something you wear, with a t-shirt from SequentialT you can be a part of something special and make a powerful difference with your purchase and fashion statement. SequentialT is helping to make a difference through solidarity, by connecting each and every customer in a series of individually numbered shirts.

Your t-shirt will be one hundred percent unique, because you will be the only one who has your particular number, but you’ll be forever connected in the chain of caring customers who have purchased a SequentialT before you and with all who will buy one after you.

There is also more to a SequentialT than just worldly connection – with each SequentialT t-shirt purchased, a t-shirt will be donated to an individual in need, so in clothing yourself you’ll also be helping to provide someone with a basic need that they otherwise may not have had access to. The proceeds from your purchase will also go to benefit a worthy cause like the World Wildlife Fund or the American Red Cross.

SequentialT t-shirts are of the highest quality and made from environmentally friendly materials and in environmentally friendly factories so you can rest assured that the incredible product that you are wearing has been made in the most socially responsible way possible.

The shirts from SequentialT offer the best of both worlds being both fashion and environmentally conscious – they give you the opportunity to look cool while feeling good about yourself at the same time because you know that your purchase just wasn’t a shirt, it was also a helping hand to those in need and the much needed support of a very good cause.