Secret StylerDo you sometimes feel like you are spending way too much on your wardrobe just to step out with a new look each time? That can easily burn a hole in your wallet and we don't have that kind of money to burn. What if you had a secret weapon that allows you to transform one outfit and make it look like you had ten in your closet? Secret Styler does that, and more.

Secret Styler is invisible and is easy to attach to your clothes. You can position it anywhere - at the back, below your chest, on the sides. Put it in place, pull through and your blouse or dress has a new tucked-in look. It accents your best assets while hiding body flaws. They are great for camouflaging while making you look slimmer at the same time. Hide that tummy, emphasize your nice curves, make the bust look even better. Secret Styler is the great accent for any outfit. One plain dress or blouse transforms into different styles. You can wear the same outfit and make it look like you have different clothes in fashionable style. What's better, you don't need a sewing kit to make the changes. Sewing your clothes create permanent creases and holes. With Secret Styler, take it out after you've worn the dress and next time, position Secret Styler another way for another look. A set comes with 10 Secret Stylers, 2 fashion buckles (black and silver) and 5 tie sets (black, beige, cream, red, blue). With separate postage and handling, you get another set free. You also get a guide to different styles you can do with the Secret Styler.

Let Secret Styler be your secret and let your friends think that you've got a wide variety of outfits. The different styles you can do are limited only by your imagination.

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