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Did you or your relatives own a Samsonite? What kind of Samsonite did they have? How many years did this luggage last? Write your own reviews to submit or leave a comment below.

One of the most popular Samsonite luggage in the 70's was the makeup bag. It was small and rectangular and when you opened it, the inside of the cover had a mirror and it was lined with pockets. What did you think of that bag then and now if you or one of your relatives had owned one? Durable might be one of the words that come to mind but you would also say that it was heavy and bulky.

The new Samsonite luggage are very different from those old ones that were heavy even when it was empty! Today, this brand of luggage are lightweight and streamlined in design. Stronger. Tougher. Built to last longer. If you own a new Samsonite, please feel free to submit your reviews.

Those on the go will be delighted with the added features of this brand of luggage. Many of the latest ones have rollers and handle that makes it easier to pull. These come in sets or individually. There are also hand-carry luggage, garment bags, duffel sports bag, backpacks, and messenger bags.

Those in the business world can find excellent bags. A special business category, it provides you with carry-alls, laptop bags, backpacks, attache cases, and mobile rolling office bags. When you want a bag that adds to your image, choose a Samsonite.

When you buy luggage of one of the most popular brands in the world, you might think the the price is high. The quality is superior to other brands. What many people don't know is that there are often sales at the online store. Other reviews of this brand of luggage offers a small coupon discount but that amount of savings is negligible to what you can get from the online store itself. There are coupon codes that you can find on the site like $25 off for every purchase worth $125 when the promo is still on.

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