Safety Tat is award winning.  These are temporary Child Safety Tattoos. The principle behind Safety Tat is similar to having children wear an ID tag, so just in case they get lost, there is a way to contact you. Kids will love to wear this Safety Tat. It might be one of the best way for your child to find you when they get lost as you can discover in this review.

How many missing children are their? How are they found? Someone finds them, they go on TV, and you or a someones sees them, and you can get to find your kid. If they had a Safety Tat, the person who finds them can contact you right away!

A 7 year old child might wander off and start looking for Mommy. When asked what the name and phone number of their Mommy is, the child might be able to answer. Yet, what if the child can’t speak because he or she keeps on crying because they fell or if there was a worse scenario?

What if the kid that wandered off is still a toddler? When they have their Safety Tat and a police officer asks them what their Mommy’s name and number is, they can simply roll up their sleeve to show of their temporary tattoo that has these details!

If you have ever been lost as a child, even a minor incident of hunting for your Mommy in those seemingly endless grocery aisles, you will remember this traumatic experience. What if you had been left behind cause you were nowhere to be found, having gone your own way in a zoo, in a park, or in the fair grounds, how secure would you have felt if you knew that you had on a Safety Tat?

Safety Tat Tattoos are waterproof and sweat proof.

Choose from the different types of temporary tats:

Original Safety Tats (Winner of the iParenting Media Greatest Products Award)
Original Safety Tats with Tat Builder Designing Option
Quick Stick Write On Safety Tats

These temporary tattoos will stay on for 1 to 3 days. Easy to place on, they can be easily removed when no longer needed.

It’s a good idea for a child to wear Safety Tat. Even if they are old enough to know the name and number of their parents, it is best for them to have on this kinds of safety tattoos if they are panicking or unable to speak. Have your child wearing a Safety Tat, just in case.