Road Runner Sports ApparelRoad Runner keeps up with your active lifestyle and offers a new, improved solution for men and women on the move, the Road Runner Sports Pro Velocity Short Sleeve T-shirt. You're reaching for unparallelled speed and endurance and this T-shirt helps out a lot. With the new lightweight textured fabric you will have more freedom in your movements and your running will be more fluid. You want more and this T-shirt has it. The brand new look is loaded with innovative features. There is a new moisture-wick system that prevents the shirt from getting “glued” to your skin, forcing you to constantly use your hands to stretch it. The annoying itch of “old school” shirts is gone for good.

So you run in the sun. Great. You don't have to worry about the radiations, though, as this shirt contains a SPF30 UV protection system, tailored to avoid any skin problems you might get with a usual shirt on a torrid day. No odor alert also, because the shirt absorbs it, making “jog and talk” way more relaxed. There is also a back pocket that will come in handy as you can take with you anything from an iPod to a protein bar. Another feature is the 360 reflectivity, that lets drivers or bikers know that you're around.

This shirt will prove to be a great companion for all types of joggers. It has a comfort centered architecture, but also earns points for its slick looks. It will feel and look great on you, improving your performance and pleasure as a running man or woman.

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