Physicians'-Choice-Diabetic-SockIf you’re a diabetic or if you know one who is, you know that foot care is very important. Damaged arteries, dry skin and ulcers plague diabetics. One side effect of diabetes is less sensation in the feet so wounds or foot sores, if not immediately detected and taken care of properly, could start an infection that could lead to greater and more deadly complications. At the very extreme, foot amputation can sometimes be the only solution. This is why diabetic socks are very important for those with this disease. They are unlike regular socks available. The specifications for diabetic socks are specific: they should be made of materials that control moisture to minimize the risk of infection; they should have no seams or wrinkle-prone material to lessen chances of pressure and blistering; the top must be loose enough to allow ample blood circulation. When you next think of buying diabetic socks, check out Physicians' Choice Diabetic Socks.

Physicians' Choice Diabetic Socks are designed specifically for support and comfort. All their socks come with a double cushion across the entire sole of the sock. The breathable liner is made of terry knit and cotton so your feet don’t sweat. This also prevents bacteria from forming. The socks have an 11” cross stretch near the socks’ top which prevents leg marking and allows the top to be loose enough for good circulation without it being so loose that it slides down your leg. They have reciprocated heel and toe reinforcement for double cushion padding to the foot areas which are more prone to blisters.

Physicians' Choice Diabetic Socks are good choice gifts for friends who are diabetic. If you are the diabetic, this is one good investment that can keep you safe from complications arising out of foot sores. You can step out of your home knowing that your feet will be well protected and cushioned regardless of how long you walk.

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