Keeping warm with a blanket is good when the weather is cold, but how do you keep yourself completely warm all the time when a blanket doesn't wrap around you? A sweater or a jacket may be a good idea, and wearing socks and thick clothing may add warmth to your body, but a Phrobi is much better to use when you need to cover yourself up from head to toe. Phrobi is a wearable blanket that has a hood to cover your head and is worn like a long shirt. It reaches all the way down to your feet to keep your whole body warm and comfortable all the time.

Phrobi is stylish to wear inside the house and outside. It has a double-button closure to keep your neck warm and deep pockets to carry your car keys, wallet, cellphone, and even the TV remote control so that they do not go missing. It is a fully-functional, wearable blanket that warms your body without any discomfort. It is also wrinkle-free and lightweight, making it the perfect outfit for traveling, camping, or attending parties and concerts. Phrobi comes in three attractive colors: deep navy, claret, and teddy bear brown. Wearing Phrobi inside the house can save you money because you need not light up your heater to keep warm. It comfortably wraps around your body like a real blanket, and because you wear it as an outfit, you will be snugly warm all the time. The fabric is made from plush polar fleece which is durable and easy to wash.

Being both stylish and functional, the Phrobi is your best outfit to protect your body from the freezing weather. Phrobi warms you from head to toe and allows you to continue doing your house chores, work in your den or home-office, or even step out into your yard briefly without having to run upstairs to change.

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